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Hello, I'm Linette but you can call me Lineko or Lin too. This is where my dragon stuff goes.


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gorwen -

New dragon that tricked me into keeping him with dem glows :/

a couple of accented lads i did over today and yesterday!

This man is currently on hold for someone but I have other dragons for sale here!

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my flight rising dragon Synth for the banner of a zine i'm organizing

Ebreitas, another dragon I'm selling! She is currently on hold.

This lady is on hold for someone atm!

Sold this guy already but I liked his design

Abbal, a scholar who I'm selling for 1000g


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Inktober 2019 #11-15

Post-it Note Inktobers #11-#15 - various dragons from Flight Rising!

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gift art for my girlfriend of her dragon Tyl on flight rising

Selling this Gaoler lady for 1500g!

Buy her here

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stinkey.... bashed this out in about an hour and a half because i got bored and i wanted to remember what it feels like to not use oil paint

Another older thing I like. This was my half of an art trade with Gainstrive on Flight Rising/Tumblr

This boy already sold but I liked how he came out. I'm gonna try and recreate this style more bc I like it.