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Dragon Capitalism

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my flight rising dragon Synth for the banner of a zine i'm organizing

Ebreitas, another dragon I'm selling! She is currently on hold.

This lady is on hold for someone atm!

Sold this guy already but I liked his design

Abbal, a scholar who I'm selling for 1000g


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Inktober 2019 #11-15

Post-it Note Inktobers #11-#15 - various dragons from Flight Rising!

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gift art for my girlfriend of her dragon Tyl on flight rising

Selling this Gaoler lady for 1500g!

Buy her here

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stinkey.... bashed this out in about an hour and a half because i got bored and i wanted to remember what it feels like to not use oil paint

Another older thing I like. This was my half of an art trade with Gainstrive on Flight Rising/Tumblr

This boy already sold but I liked how he came out. I'm gonna try and recreate this style more bc I like it.

I got a new stinky meat lady and I already love her.

Hey you can buy this smug man for 1000g! Here is the link

So I've been obsessing over gaolers all day and say hello to my new breeding pair! I still need to get their genes but I love them so much already.

Everyone hated this on tumblr so now I will curse you all with this here too